But Twitter is just a broadcast medium isnt it?

Is twitter a broadcast tool just because some use it like that. No not even close, its about influence and conversations.

Christmas Twaquacker Tweet Off

“What do you get when a cow flies? – a pat on the head” or “What do you call a cow in Alaska? – an eskimoo” The jokes in Christmas crackers must be the worst in the world – who writes this stuff? So here’s the PiKE’s Thinking Christmas Twaquacker Tweet off – Please write […]

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Is a Twitter wedding a Twedding?

I don’t know Jason Bagley personally but I do follow @JBagley on Twitter so I know him, virtually. He got married yesterday and I was there. It was in Cape Town somewhere, I think, no clue where. I was there because Jason tweeted his wedding from some sort of portable device. Jason brought me and […]

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Learning the hard way: Bloggers court case.

A business is using “traditional” tactics to deal with a blogger operating in the new world. Will it work or will it blow up in their faces? This post refers to a blog written by Donn Edwards who blogs at “Insights and Rants” Donn has been sued by a Timeshare company “The Quality Vacation Club” […]

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