A Digital Tour of Cape Town.

photo credit: Glen Bowman I am sitting on the plane on the way from Cape Town to Lanseria. Just completed a grueling round of speaking engagements. I was struck by a number of things. Firstly. That many of our “trainee communications experts have no clue of digital. I find it extraordinary that I could actually […]

Building a South African Digital Marketing Capability

The AAA Digital Marketing Academy is set to prepare and up-skill the marketing and communication industry for the growth in the use of digital media. Worldwide trends are telling the story: The consumer’s trust in traditional advertising and PR is declining. Control of brands is shifting to the costumer. Customers are more likely to seek […]

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Keep Calm and Carry on – The DA Debate

What happens if the DA attempt at Social Media is great opportunity for a debate, what if it’s high profile and right in front of us happening every day and something we can all watch.

Maybe we should watch and analyse every move, not for the sake of democracy, or politics or personal self interest but because out of debate comes learning.

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Using the global brain.

FNB get thier toes wet in a crowdsourcing initiative to solve a business problem with Quirk’s Idea Bounty.

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