Come on – That’s not Social Media

Many commentators attack Social Media without understanding what it really is.

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Vodacom: This is what your brand is.

In an earlier rant I spoke about the Vodacom rebrand. In summary I said that brands are built by the customer experience and that because of the high involvement of customers in the Vodacom brand and how simple it would be to tell them about the logo change that the bulk of the money spent […]

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The Vodacom relaunch – what an appalling waste

Once upon a time when I was the client services director at an ad agency in Cape Town I advised a client to reallocate the bulk of his advertising budget to solve the problem because as I said to him – “there is no advertising solution to this – we’ll spend your ad budget next […]

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Losing the war

Although Vodacom has won the battle at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), I think that it will lose the war. It’s fascinating how often the management of organisations get involved in their little skirmishes and lose total sight of the big picture. It seems to me that Cell C has in the past pushed its […]

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Cell C and Noahgate. Some lessons.

Cell C has launched an ‘Astroturfing’ campaign – some of my thoughts about it.

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Telling the truth – a killer strategy?

Telling the truth might just be a Killer marketing strategy

The Digital Divide – Huh?

The notion that there is a divide between digital marketing and traditional marketing based on whether the technology used is analogue or digital is really a little ridiculous.

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(2010) The year the penny drops?

The South African Marketing Industry has lagged behind, is this the year that it catches a wake up and realises that things have changes and will never be the same again.

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Runaway Viral in Jozi

A spectacularly successful viral marketing campaign in Johannesburg.

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Digital is far too successful for this Jozi company!

A hairdressing business marked the opening of a store in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg by offering a promotion to 30 customers and their friends and got well over 50 000 responses, and in the process nearly put themselves out of business. The offer was for a free treatment and chance to be involved in a prize draw for a years worth of free hair treatment. The mail was sent on November 5 and got well over 50 000 responses by November 16.

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