Keep Calm and Carry on – The DA Debate

What happens if the DA attempt at Social Media is great opportunity for a debate, what if it’s high profile and right in front of us happening every day and something we can all watch.

Maybe we should watch and analyse every move, not for the sake of democracy, or politics or personal self interest but because out of debate comes learning.

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DA reaction has me puzzled!

The DA (Democratic Alliance) in South Africa have launched into the world of social media marketing, but do they get it? Do they understand how it works? The evidence suggests not!

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Does the DA get Social Media?

Questions about the Democratic Alliance election campaign? Is it a copy paste of the Obama approach or do they really get Social Media?

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Customer Intimacy got me to social media

The ultimate marketing situation, a lasting and close realtionship with your customer. the tools are called social media.

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Interruption Advertising & the difference that digital makes.

Driving into the office this morning I thought about some of the conversations I had had last night at the graduation ceremony of the aaa school of advertising. The conversation often turned to digital marketing and advertising and I felt that I needed to share my thoughts. Firstly we cannot understand what can be done […]

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Learning the hard way: Bloggers court case.

A business is using “traditional” tactics to deal with a blogger operating in the new world. Will it work or will it blow up in their faces? This post refers to a blog written by Donn Edwards who blogs at “Insights and Rants” Donn has been sued by a Timeshare company “The Quality Vacation Club” […]

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Thanksgiving, Vietnam, Alice’s Restaurant and Social Media Marketing.

One of American singer songwriter Arlo Guthrie’s prominent works was an Vietnam war protest song, which was subsequently made into a movie. The song called “Alice’s restaurant” took 18 minutes 34 secs and was based on an absurd but true story that had resulted in Guthrie not being accepted into the American military (to burn […]

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