Come on – That’s not Social Media

Many commentators attack Social Media without understanding what it really is.

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Losing the war

Although Vodacom has won the battle at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), I think that it will lose the war. It’s fascinating how often the management of organisations get involved in their little skirmishes and lose total sight of the big picture. It seems to me that Cell C has in the past pushed its […]

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7 reasons why Foursquare will kick ass

What is the point of Foursquare? This is exactly the question that was being asked a year or two back about Twitter. Who wants to know that I am buying petrol at the service station, or that I have just ordered an amazing Doppio Zero pizza. So, I am going to tell you why marketers should take notice […]

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(2010) The year the penny drops?

The South African Marketing Industry has lagged behind, is this the year that it catches a wake up and realises that things have changes and will never be the same again.

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Who is fit to lead your brand?

Are either Advertising agencies or digital agencies fit to be trusted with the brand, or is a new approach needed?

An obsession with numbers

Do the numbers marketers are obsessed with actually matter, are there others that matter more that aren’t measured?

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The Culture Clash: Social Media in the agency world

Social media is in many ways the antithesis of advertising.

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The social media marketing disconnect.

The key impact of the internet is a social one. We really cant look at the changes brought about and see it in either technology, SEM or traditional marketing terms. So how do we?

Are these social media fails or just marketing fails?

At the digital marketing academy we discused an article on the 9 worst social media fails of the year. Its an interesting anaylsis, but really it sees social media really very much through an advertisisng lens. Social media is really about conversations not promotion. This quote kind of sums it up: Businesses who jump into […]

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Is this the big BLOCK to understanding new marketing?

The fundamental issue in understanding new marketing is understanding the shift in control from producers to consumers which has come about because of an improved access to information and knowledge.

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