TEDx talk on how marketing is changing.

Walter Pike’s talk at TEDx in Johannesburg. Speaking about the fundamental changes to marketing brought about by the internet that paradoxically takes you back to way it was done before. September 2009.

I would probably do a poster campaign.

An ironic look at attracting connected youngsters to a career in advertising.

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The social media marketing disconnect.

The key impact of the internet is a social one. We really cant look at the changes brought about and see it in either technology, SEM or traditional marketing terms. So how do we?

To understand the new marketing follow the crazy ones.

To understand new marketing should you follow the internet engineers, the media moguls or the crazy o? The crazies.

Is this the big BLOCK to understanding new marketing?

The fundamental issue in understanding new marketing is understanding the shift in control from producers to consumers which has come about because of an improved access to information and knowledge.

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Using the global brain.

FNB get thier toes wet in a crowdsourcing initiative to solve a business problem with Quirk’s Idea Bounty.

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Branding Delusions.

You don’t brand anything, you earn your brand. Has there ever been a topic less well understood than Brands and Branding? I read about Brands all the time and am always amazed just how badly. The only term less understood is marketing – which is not the same as advertising by the way. A brand […]

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Interruption Advertising & the difference that digital makes.

Driving into the office this morning I thought about some of the conversations I had had last night at the graduation ceremony of the aaa school of advertising. The conversation often turned to digital marketing and advertising and I felt that I needed to share my thoughts. Firstly we cannot understand what can be done […]

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Thanksgiving, Vietnam, Alice’s Restaurant and Social Media Marketing.

One of American singer songwriter Arlo Guthrie’s prominent works was an Vietnam war protest song, which was subsequently made into a movie. The song called “Alice’s restaurant” took 18 minutes 34 secs and was based on an absurd but true story that had resulted in Guthrie not being accepted into the American military (to burn […]

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