Speaker’s Bio: Walter Pike | Marketing Maven

Walter Pike

Walter once farmed oranges.

And cows, pigs and maize, he also taught people how to farm and grow forests. He bred a racehorse and raced it. He played Polo, provincial polocrosse and coached cricket and soccer. He ran schools and sports clubs and sports associations. He was a very keen flyfisherman and guide and is a photographer.

He worked a lot in the motor industry for major manufacturers in sales and in marketing and for their advertising agencies he directed strategy and client service for the top agency in the country and worked on some of the biggest and most famous brands.

He collected degrees and became the head of faculty of marketing and advertising of the major advertising school in Africa the only one to offer an international qualification.

He used to be a husband and is still a father.

He is an acknowledged marketing and digital thought leader, appears on TV and is frequently heard on radio and from the stage at conferences and his writing in print on paper and electronically.

He founded PiKE | New Marketing and seeing a need for skills also set up The Digital Academy the first ever to be accredited by Google.

He knows that the analogue world has been replaced and marketing has changed. That people in this always on always connected world learn things, find things, connect, collaborate, organise and buy things in a new way. He thinks, writes, talks and teaches about brands in this new world.

On the leading edge of the new world he thinks differently, his talks are entertaining, engaging and thought provoking and presented clearly with conviction. You may disagree with what he has to say, but you can’t ignore it.

The world is changing and @walterpike is part of that change.

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