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Node XL Maps for #standardbank and #FNB on twitter during the ASA firestorm

These network diagrams have been uploaded to illustrate my interview on SAFM on the media show at 9:20am Sunday March 4, 2012. Live streaming here (obviously this link will be no use unless you are listening live) The first map describes the conversation for #FNB. To help you understand it the size of the pictures […]

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Changing my posterous blog

I have decided to change my posterous blog at to be more of a personal blog my personal musings – If you are following the Pike’s thinking (marketing and such like) type posts here – please find them on   For some reason Ive ended up duplicating content.   Sorry for the inconvenience. […]

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@RBJacobs showing understanding of ORM

I happen to think that FNB do a pretty good marketing job, I have been a fan of the manner in which the @RBJacobs twitter persona handles queries. But its interesting the way people think about brands – this morning @PerrynMeyer commented on FNB as below. I retweeted but copied @RBJacobs into the tweet saying […]

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Digital Promotions are not the same as Social Media marketing.

The Nando’s Dictators campaign see TV ad here and its accompanying promotion using digital channels (although I don’t know how the customer gets from the TV ad to the digital promo) is very different to social marketing. Sarah Britten in her article Is Nando’s ‘Last Dictator Standing’ the new ‘Old Spice Guy’? probably inadvertently, draws the correct comparison because in spite […]

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Takumi Sushi – I am sorry but you lose.

People do such ridiculous things when they find their brand under attack and here is a good example.  This is what happened;  A twitter user buys R399 take away sushi from a place called Takumi Sushi, When she opens up the container she finds a dead bug, she thinks it’s a cockroach – so she does like […]

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What’s the point. Bid or Buy?

So if bid or buy or anyone else wins the prize for the best ecommence site – who are they fooling, what did they prove, that’s not all if you click the link you will get an improved chance to win an iPad by liking the Facebook page.  So their Facebook page will have hundreds […]

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CellC will miss Lars Reichelt … and so will we.

I am very disappointed to hear that Lars Reichelt the real CEO of Cell C has resigned My personal experience of the man was very positive. I met him after I had roundly slammed the CellC Trevor Noah campaign in blogs and on the radio. He invited me for a cup of coffee to discuss my views […]

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Social Media is a very African concept.

A striking tall black lady stopped me in the corridor at the #imcc conference today.  She observed “Social media is a very African concept isn’t it?” Think about it – the whole concept of Ubuntu (Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” ) sharing, community and the tradition of story telling. That […]

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Why you don’t get marketing in the social world.

Marketing in the new world is very different to marketing in the world we think we are in. The Internet changed the game when for the first time it created a communications medium that allowed the one to one conversation (like the telephone) and the one to many conversation (like TV) and a many to […]

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Kulula how hard can it be?

I am 6ft2in tall. If I sit with my back to the seat back and my knees slightly apart I can just fit into the kulula seat. So every time I fly I get to the airport early and check in asking for the emergency aisle and it’s extra legroom. You can’t check into those […]

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