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Cell C and Noahgate. Some lessons.

Cell C has launched an ‘Astroturfing’ campaign – some of my thoughts about it.

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Internet causing newspaper blindness!

The newspaper industry is doing exactly the wrong thing to ensure its survival. Its a classic case of marketing myopia in a golden age for news.

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Telling the truth – a killer strategy?

Telling the truth might just be a Killer marketing strategy

The Digital Divide – Huh?

The notion that there is a divide between digital marketing and traditional marketing based on whether the technology used is analogue or digital is really a little ridiculous.

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(2010) The year the penny drops?

The South African Marketing Industry has lagged behind, is this the year that it catches a wake up and realises that things have changes and will never be the same again.

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Runaway Viral in Jozi

A spectacularly successful viral marketing campaign in Johannesburg.

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Zappos walks the talk

My experience with the amazing customer culture at

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Advertising can’t build brands.

Brands are built by experiences – not by advertising. I wrote this in an article 5 years ago, it was dug out to discuss on radio this week. I am pleased that my views have remained consistent over the years its just that its even more correct now than it was then.

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Digital is far too successful for this Jozi company!

A hairdressing business marked the opening of a store in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg by offering a promotion to 30 customers and their friends and got well over 50 000 responses, and in the process nearly put themselves out of business. The offer was for a free treatment and chance to be involved in a prize draw for a years worth of free hair treatment. The mail was sent on November 5 and got well over 50 000 responses by November 16.

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An obsession with numbers

Do the numbers marketers are obsessed with actually matter, are there others that matter more that aren’t measured?

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