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Node XL Maps for #standardbank and #FNB on twitter during the ASA firestorm

These network diagrams have been uploaded to illustrate my interview on SAFM on the media show at 9:20am Sunday March 4, 2012. Live streaming here (obviously this link will be no use unless you are listening live) The first map describes the conversation for #FNB. To help you understand it the size of the pictures […]

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Takumi Sushi – I am sorry but you lose.

People do such ridiculous things when they find their brand under attack and here is a good example.  This is what happened;  A twitter user buys R399 take away sushi from a place called Takumi Sushi, When she opens up the container she finds a dead bug, she thinks it’s a cockroach – so she does like […]

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Marketing sucks say Thought Leader commentators

Sarah Britten, who is @anatinus on twitter wrote on the Thought Leader blog about her mothers day experience at boutique hotel Marion on Nicol in summary she felt ripped off because in spite of paying a top price for high tea the venue didn’t deliver what was promised. So she told her closest friends on a very […]

Losing the war

Although Vodacom has won the battle at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), I think that it will lose the war. It’s fascinating how often the management of organisations get involved in their little skirmishes and lose total sight of the big picture. It seems to me that Cell C has in the past pushed its […]

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Cell C and Noahgate. Some lessons.

Cell C has launched an ‘Astroturfing’ campaign – some of my thoughts about it.

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Telling the truth – a killer strategy?

Telling the truth might just be a Killer marketing strategy

Who is fit to lead your brand?

Are either Advertising agencies or digital agencies fit to be trusted with the brand, or is a new approach needed?

Online stores still need to give service.

Local online store fails in service delivery compared to service culture of

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