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Telling the truth – a killer strategy?

Telling the truth might just be a Killer marketing strategy

The Digital Divide – Huh?

The notion that there is a divide between digital marketing and traditional marketing based on whether the technology used is analogue or digital is really a little ridiculous.

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(2010) The year the penny drops?

The South African Marketing Industry has lagged behind, is this the year that it catches a wake up and realises that things have changes and will never be the same again.

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Advertising can’t build brands.

Brands are built by experiences – not by advertising. I wrote this in an article 5 years ago, it was dug out to discuss on radio this week. I am pleased that my views have remained consistent over the years its just that its even more correct now than it was then.

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An obsession with numbers

Do the numbers marketers are obsessed with actually matter, are there others that matter more that aren’t measured?

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The Culture Clash: Social Media in the agency world

Social media is in many ways the antithesis of advertising.

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But Twitter is just a broadcast medium isnt it?

Is twitter a broadcast tool just because some use it like that. No not even close, its about influence and conversations.

TEDx talk on how marketing is changing.

Walter Pike’s talk at TEDx in Johannesburg. Speaking about the fundamental changes to marketing brought about by the internet that paradoxically takes you back to way it was done before. September 2009.

I would probably do a poster campaign.

An ironic look at attracting connected youngsters to a career in advertising.

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The social media marketing disconnect.

The key impact of the internet is a social one. We really cant look at the changes brought about and see it in either technology, SEM or traditional marketing terms. So how do we?