How to do Directed Activism

The Community Discussing Eskom Load-shedding


What is directed activism?

We are in the business of spreadings ideas. Ideas that you should like my brand, ideas that you you should vote for my candidate or ideas that you should change what you are doing and do something else.

We also all understand broadcast media and how it works:

I think that we all get interactive online media as well:

But do you really get Social Media?

You know who your audience is but do you know your audience’s audience’s audience?

So how do you set up a directed activism campaign?

  1. You understand what the community is about. Mostly it’s not about you its about them. The community on your brand page maybe your audience but its not the community. You need to find what the campfire is, what attracted them – why they are there in the first place.
    Your brand group is a cluster in the market community, not the community
  2. You need to understand the shape of the community and the roles different people play.
  3. You need to identify the activists.
  4. You need to help build their clusters and audiences and you need to empower them to reach your collective goal.
  5. You need to create a brand role in the community.
  6. You need to use big data, tech, social science and traditional and marketing techniques to nudge the conversations in the community.


Directed Activism has been developed by PiKE as a methodology to operate in the post broadcast or social era. Pike builds and manages Directed Activism © programmes for brands, political campaigns and social change initiatives.

We also do social network analysis. Can you read and understand the graph in the picture? If not you need us.

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  • Richard Simmonds

    Walter thank you for the explanation about directed activism, I have just started my next book on the subject ‘Social Context Strategies for Mid-Sized Brands’ and would like to highlight the benefits of directed activism and include a real case study if you agree that is?