Node XL Maps for #standardbank and #FNB on twitter during the ASA firestorm

These network diagrams have been uploaded to illustrate my interview on SAFM on the media show at 9:20am Sunday March 4, 2012. Live streaming here (obviously this link will be no use unless you are listening live)

The first map describes the conversation for #FNB.

To help you understand it the size of the pictures is in proportion to followers, The green line are “followers” and the blue lines “retweets

NodeXL graph for FNB

#FNB 16/2/ to 24/2/2012


This is the same methodology but a picture of the #standardbank over the same period.


#standardbank 16/2 -24/2/2012


I work with Marc Smith who does these maps and we can do them for you – you need merely to contact me by clicking on this link and filling in the contact form 




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