What’s the point. Bid or Buy?

So if bid or buy or anyone else wins the prize for the best ecommence site – who are they fooling, what did they prove, that’s not all if you click the link you will get an improved chance to win an iPad by liking the Facebook page. 

So their Facebook page will have hundreds of iPad fans.


Pointless – wouldn’t they rather have bid or buy fans. What’s so hard to understand?




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  • http://www.bidhere.com/ BidHere Penny Auctions

    According to different surveys approx 70% of Facebook users say that they do not want to be advertised to by businesses that they are fans of. I believe it`s because of high percentage of “likes” who were looking for some sweepstake similar to described above. They don’t really care about your brand at all. So, soon they`ll dislike and leave. Basically the alternative should be to stick with much lower number of your own true  brand enthusiasts. Though, if you target only real your brand lovers, your management will insist marketing people must work up to have more fans… because competitors X, Y and Z have higher numbers and do attractive giveaways there… Not sure at all which scenario can be more useful in all marketing mix… just practice is the criteria of truth.