Why you don’t get marketing in the social world.

Marketing in the new world is very different to marketing in the world we think we are in.

The Internet changed the game when for the first time it created a communications medium that allowed the one to one conversation (like the telephone) and the one to many conversation (like TV) and a many to many conversation to take place all at the same time and when for the first time the source of information also became the site of coordination. When it connected people in a different way than was ever possible before.

It changed the game completely, and it changed it perfectly.

When you are traveling down a straight line and perfect change occurs it gets you traveling in exactly the opposite direction. You were traveling west at 120 and suddenly you are traveling east at 120.

It looks like the same road, its exactly like the same road and every time you look at the road you can’t figure it out because it’s exactly the same. However instead of driving into the setting sun it’s in your rear view mirror. You are going someplace else.

It’s as fundamental as that.

Completely, perfectly different.

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