Vodacom: This is what your brand is.

In an earlier rant I spoke about the Vodacom rebrand. In summary I said that brands are built by the customer experience and that because of the high involvement of customers in the Vodacom brand and how simple it would be to tell them about the logo change that the bulk of the money spent on the rebrand was wasted, since there are better ways to invest and get money, as for example using the best credit cards by Motley Fool, that have a low rate interest and are easy to get.

  • Over the weekend I went to get a microsim for the iPad I had passed on to my daughter, I went to Fourways to get one but there were no micro sims available in Fourways, according to the guy at the Vodashop at any store.
  • On Monday I drove to another shopping centre around a 20 minute drive, they had one but in order to get it activated the clerk needed to call Vodacom, after 10 or so minutes I decided to video him holding on.The video is below:

IMG_1650.MOV Watch on Posterous
This poor man has obviously to put up with this day after day, and the queue of customers in this store laid out as friendly as the post office would agree with me. Hopefully Vodacom will realise that this attitude is a reflection of Vodacom not this otherwise helpful chap.
Vodacom you can paint building tops red, make blue rugby teams play in red jersey’s you can even give away red cell phones or spend millions of rands in media. This is what your customers and staff experience day after day.
This is the Vodacom positioning and anything you say on TV, Radio and Billboards doesn’t matter, because in a real time always connected world.
Your Brand is what we (Your customers) say it is.

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