The killer conversation in marketing.

Broadcast media gives you the one to many, one way method of spreading ideas. The telephone gives you the one to one two way or interactive model. The person with whom you are talking can talk back. The Internet gives you the many to many and interactive model.

The most important conversation for your brand and your business is the conversation between your current customer and your potential customer. It’s important because it’s authentic and so it’s trusted. It’s also scary because you aren’t involved.

Marketing including digital and social media is still obsessed with producing communications to tell it’s story in whatever medium it uses one to many or interactive that they lose sight of this vital conversation. Purchasing remember is not a percentages thing, you can’t buy 67.2% of a car. It’s binary, on or off 100% or zero.

What would happen if instead of trying to tell the brand’s story you focussed on helping those willing to tell their own story about your stuff so that in telling that story they can do it more convincingly?

If they are telling their friends about your stuff – maybe that friend’s decision will change to on instead of off.

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