Marketing sucks say Thought Leader commentators

Sarah Britten, who is @anatinus on twitter wrote on the Thought Leader blog about her mothers day experience at boutique hotel Marion on Nicol in summary she felt ripped off because in spite of paying a top price for high tea the venue didn’t deliver what was promised. So she told her closest friends on a very well read blog and her friends told their friends like I am doing here.

Everyone should do this.

For me the really interesting bits are the comments left by the readers – read the article here

The comments give a very jaundiced view of marketing, advertising and delivering value. In effect saying that she should have expected to be ripped off. Some even saying that the complaint should have been more appropriately dealt with by a quiet word with management.

What a lot of total horse.

Maybe those marketers still stuck in a time warp think that they can do this stuff without considering the power of word of mouth in an always on always connected world.

Marketing is about delivery, about the delivery of value to customers and then the word spreading. What has changed is that the idea, which used to be spread by advertising is now being spread by people telling each other.

Because they can and now instead of telling their 10 closest friends they are telling 10 000.

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