Kulula how hard can it be?

I am 6ft2in tall. If I sit with my back to the seat back and my knees slightly apart I can just fit into the kulula seat. So every time I fly I get to the airport early and check in asking for the emergency aisle and it’s extra legroom. You can’t check into those seats online. Today I was more than 2 hours early and when the smiling ground staff checked me in and assured me I was in the seat I wanted. I walked through the security check smiling. Phew its really worth the effort to get there early.

I am sitting in Seat 15C It is the row immediately ahead of the emergency aisle, it is the only row on the plane in which the seats cannot recline.

In fact if you had to chose the worse seats on this flight – they are in this row.

In the seat next to me the lady has a headache she wanted some space to rest. I am grumpy and very irritated. I am also a Kulula jetsetter (their frequent flyer program).

Really HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Just put me into the seat I asked for.

Kulula has a strong presence on social media, the person behind their twitter profile is great, she is caring and engaged. It just doesn’t matter though because although she can try to fix problems it’s just band aid she can just try to repair the damage. There is an operations problem and it’s not fixed and unless Kulula fix it they may as well close their social media presence. I had a conversation on twitter today talking about measuring social media. I will enlighten you in a different post. But you can measure Facebook friends, engagement all you want but this is where it happens the conversation between those seat 15C and 15B. What was that conversation?

It went like this. “Do you know that Mango now fly from Lanseria?

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