Runaway Viral in Jozi

Some weeks back I reported on a viral campaign which had gone wild. Gary Rom Hairdressing opened a store in Melrose Arch in Johannesburg and sent out a invitation to around twenty of their clients.

Sent out by email the invitation asked their clients to pass on to 10 of their friends and to claim a free treatment.

The take up was beyond any one’s expectations and responses were suddenly streaming in at an alarming rate. In fact so much so that they crashed the system.

I spoke to Mike Herbert the General Manager of Gary Rom Hairdressing about what he learned from the campaign. I could tell that he was under huge pressure from the client base some who thought it was a scam. They had had to close the promotion a few days after launch.

It wasn’t it was just an amazingly successful campaign that worked thousands of times better than anyone expected and worked right here in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please watch Mike Herbert talking about what happened and  the lessons learned:

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