An industry shooting itself in the foot.

Dr. EvilThe Durban World Cup website is reported to be costing R6.5 million. If the reports are correct this not only exorbitant but also its the internet industry shooting itself in the foot.

The website appears to be nothing special although I refer you to a Business Report article in which Mike Sutcliffe, who is the eThekwini (Durban) city manager, said that the technology that would be used for the website was generally not in use in South Africa. “My understanding is that it is really state-of-the-art stuff.”

Internet guru Arthur Goldstuck noted in the same report that the city’s World Cup website appeared to be using technology that was already available and it did not require new software to be developed. “It doesn’t make sense for that kind of money to be spent on this kind of site,” Goldstuck added.

It may be tempting to take advantage of a naive client, but a professional business would understand that this is the time to be the “trusted advisor.” AdaptIT, are doing this site. They have reportedly declined to comment and appear to be an IT company and not a internet marketing company. The site has a communications role.

If all this is true they are doing the entire industry a huge disservice. This is still a new industry and we really don’t need to be seen as fly by nights.

. . . is this a case of “Trust me I’m a doctor?”

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