To understand the new marketing follow the crazy ones.

h.koppdelaney's photo stream on flickr

h.koppdelaney's photo stream on flickr

I think a lot about marketing, about advertising and about the internet. I have started to see people forming in three distinct groups.

The first are the technology people, developers etc. They understand the tools and can construct them into solutions, build beautiful websites, optimise the websites for search engine rankings and actually understand the algorithms that drive those rankings. I criticised the DA for this in an earlier post. These are the internet engineers.

Second are the traditional marketers who see the internet as a medium. A highly effective tool for delivering advertising and awareness to consumers at the right time in the purchasing cycle. Advertising more targeted and relevant than what was ever possible before, these are the internet media moguls. I heard that P&G in the UK drive 80% of their media budget into Adwords. Google is the biggest media owner in the UK. It no wonder too that much of the internet entrepreneurial activity is here.

Then there is a third group whom I think may be in the distinct minority, who see a shift in the way that society is functioning and restructuring, who notice a new dispensation of power, a new democracy if you will, the crazy ones who see the internet not as a technology but as catalyst driving a new society, a totally different dynamic. These people think that classic marketing, a concept only invented in the 1960s, may have passed its own sell by date, that there is a vacuum now that nobody yet really understands.

I spoke about this briefly on Reuben Goldberg’s showThe Internet Economy on Classic FM this week.

None of these groups are wrong, but if we are seeing a fundamental shift in the way people behave, how people communicate with each other, how influence is applied and how word of mouth is the currency of marketing, then maybe its the crazy ones who actually hold the key?

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  • naeem

    Read an article the other day on how a retail chain gives each sales staff a daily allocation to 'wow' a customer. Be it a free gift, a little discount, a freebie snack or even pay their parking ticket.

    Must the crazy ones with a crazy idea like this but its a fantastic one. Yes its prone to abuse and lots of negativity but am i crazy to believe this will boost customer loyalty?

    • Walter Pike

      Mostly customer service is lip service, but your brand is built at the customer interface and you have to EMPOWER your customer facing staff. Most have no scope to deliver service.

  • Swing Trading

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