The Carnival Nude and Brand Control


One of the assumptions underlying traditional brand management is that you can control the brand. That through advertising, brand associations and other brand tools you can manage perceptions. It was probably always a tenuous assumption at any time, but in digital marketing even more so.

Firstly Brands exist only in the minds of customers and are influenced by many forces, this has always been true and is in the final analysis determined by the customer experience, the actual interaction between the brand and its customers.

The lady in the picture Viviane Castro certainly had no permission to have President Obama’s likeness on her left thigh at the Rio Carnival this year.

What did that do to his brand?

When you put your brand into the hands of  the customer you have to accept that they will interpret it in the way they want to, do you find that scary?

Not at all that’s what they have always done – brands only exist in the minds of customers. Customers control the brand you don’t.

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