Christmas Twaquacker Tweet Off

Photo credit: GarryWiseman on Flickr

Photo credit: GarryWiseman on Flickr

“What do you get when a cow flies? – a pat on the head” or “What do you call a cow in Alaska? – an eskimoo” The jokes in Christmas crackers must be the worst in the world – who writes this stuff?

So here’s the PiKE’s Thinking Christmas Twaquacker Tweet off – Please write a better Christmas cracker joke in 140 characters or less (a tweet) and include in competition in comments on this blog.

No prizes except acknowledgement!

Examples of some really poor jokes from Xmas jokes are no crackers:

1. What is Santa’s favourite pizza? One that’s deep pan, crisp and even.

2. On which side do chickens have the most feathers? The outside.

3. What kind of paper likes music? (W)rapping paper.

4. What’s white and goes up? A confused snowflake.

5. What do you call a woman who stands between two goal posts? Annette.

6. Did you hear about the man who bought a paper shop? It blew away.

7. What’s furry and minty? A polo bear.

8. How do snowmen get around? They ride an icicle.

9. Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy.

10. What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert? Lost.

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