MyGenius Revisited

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A few months back I wrote a blog that reflected a judgment of a decision made by the owners of a “networking site” known as MyGenius, read what i said here Is that the failwhale I see over MyGenius. I was trying to point out that amongst other things there is a reason to moderate, because otherwise the Law of Entropy often steps in – systems will return to thier lowest energy state. In communities maybe this is less simple.

I had not returned to the site since. This week one of the members found and read the blog and pasted a link onto the discussion forum of the MyGenius site, who knows his motivation, proabably to make an impact of some sort.

What happened next was interesting. I received a number of tweets, skypes and emails and phone calls to say “they are talking about you again” some sent me cut and pastes of the discussion.

I went back onto the site this morning to read them, edit and then paste some of it here, I think that they are enough to illustrate the situation.

  • “Walter was part of the MG base some time ago, and a prolific contributor who added value to many a member. He was often willing and available to discuss with those that had less insights into his area of expertise, and I for one, found him to have a positive influence on the blogs on this site”
  • “If you make someone mad for whatever reason, once you are gone, the community slags you off behind your back? HOW PROFESSIONAL…… NOT”
  • “Lets treat people with respect. He used to be an advocate of “play the ball not the man”. And this site has its minority who make personal attacks. “Keep people and problems separate” is a good rule.
    Anyway, I do miss Walter’s presence on the site, and wish him well!”
  • “Walter was good for MG, gave a lot of input with lively debate that one only sees the value of now. Its a pity all of his massive input was erased, but Google him and you will find plenty of good stuff still worth reading.”
  • “… what is it that the Walter Pikes of this world has that others want so badly? or are you going to tell me that he has nothing you want?…. then why does his name pop at around every corner? why did Mike have this deep desire to focus our attention on his blog? I truly believe that if any OTHER Ex MG had written this blog it would not have received the same attention as it did, just because it is Walter who wrote it….but whoever it was, the fact that his blog and his name is dragged back in here just to get the perverse pleasure to try and slag him yet again, is fact enough that this man has something he is being resented for…. if not, then why afford the man that much energy?”

  • “Walter added a great deal of value to this site and I would love to have his input again”
  • “Still, I can clearly see him laughing because this blog has managed to make a lot of people aware of him, months after he has left the site.”
  • “… the return of the much “beloved” will most definitely give the egomaniacs among us a chance to beat up on someone else other than talking to or about themselves.”
  • “Personally I don’t really care what personal issues many had with Walter. Generally he made great contributions and some controversial ones too and that is what we need. What many don’t know is that Walter also freely gave of his personal time for several MG ventures behind the computer screens. I would like to see him back.”
  • “I’m for Walter coming back! I wouldn’t hold it against him to come back in spite of his insistence that mg is not for him”

There are lessons in here, although I am not really sure what they are. Maybe:

I very much doubt that I will return to MyGenius but I will certainly keep this blog as reference for some of the stuff I am busy writing.

(Oh by the way the picture selction says a bit about taking yourself too seriously)

Would love comments on what you think that the lessons are.

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